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Journey to the world of Edgeville! Edgeville is a 317 RSPS that is packed with high quality content. Our server combines the excitement of intense PVP combat, with flawless skilling and PvE encounters that helps foster our player-driven economy. Edgeville can simply be defined as 'unique' in every dimension. One of a kind server with a family of it’s own. New to Edgeville? Take a moment to introduce yourself!

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Official Cake Release Posted by Avro Sep 06 2017

We are more motivated then ever before to release our beauty to the public on the 6th October. This will be the official date. Edgeville will launch completely out with all of the bugs cleared out and more exciting content. We hope to see you all on that weekend.

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Beta is now over Posted by Avro Sep 02 2017

Our combat beta is now over. We would sincerely like to thank all of the 1700 registered players who participated in the early stages of Edgeville. All of these members will be rewarded on the official release once the server comes live back forever. Our newest (and rewritten from scratch) combat system was a big improvement that is still yet to become a perfection. See you on the official release!

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Sparkly website Posted by Avro Aug 16 2017

Today we spent the whole day redesigning our website and the result is outstanding. We got tired of the older plain-simple look and went with style and colors. As you may noticed, the new website will feature slider pictures which will be updated weekly. The slider pictures will feature the updates and events throughtout the week to provide a faster glance on what's going on.

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