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  1. Hello Edgevillians, First of all, I would like to apologize on behalf of all the team for the lack of communication. I personally haven't wrote any update logs in some time now due to a lack of organization and time. Not putting any excuses forward, will just try to do my best in the future. So there has been a lot of code changes lately to Edgeville. Personally I can't really say a lot content-wise. However we will soon enough implement new minigames and more unique content. Without further ado, let's get to the log. So we are still progressing the server further, the line slightly went down at the end but I won't allow it to get lower. Updates (no specific order): Removed all stalls which gave out coins. Redid all of the IP saving system. This is used to validate that a player received his starter pack only once and also used for muting and banning. Also added Mac banning for additional security. System overall became more easy to manage for our team. Fixed farming and decreased the growth timers. (aware of some minor bugs with farming, will be fixed). Godwars monsters aren't aggressive anymore on players. Fixed clan chat management. Can now kick, mute and promote players with the panel fully working. Fixed achievement rewards, gave same amount for several tiers before. Added some few moderation staff commands. Depositing an item in the bank adds it to the selected tab and not in the tab where that item is. Allowing to have items in several bank tabs. Was a suggestion players gave to have several stacks of coins and organize the bank in their own way. Added clan chat muting if you were muted by a staff member. Fixed the "null" server problem. Now server can run several days straight. Some combat updates, mostly magic and ranged worked on. Fixed farming skill experience mulitplier. Network modifications: Removed pooled buffers, removed queued outgoing packets and it's limitation and changed the upstream handler methods. Custom login protocol: Completely restructured the way the client speaks with the server on the login. Better outgoing login responses Added experience lock saving. Same ip trading disabled. Refillables fixes Increased Stat restoration delay. Onyx bolts creation corrected. Fixed issue with duelling when potions are enabled hp gets reset to 10. Fixed food delays. Added combo foods (basically where you can eat w.e with karambwan / pies w.e with potion in 1 tick.) Everlasting Poison Fix, Tokhaar-kal untradable, skull command. Coal rock correction. Minor slayer fix, Varrock location teleport. Seed stalls & Master Farmer for seeds. Combat development logs in order: Some fixes to the dharok effect hits. Added dragon dagger and bandos godsword special attack, also fixed animation priorities for fight styles which are similar e.g 2 hand swords, also fixed poisoning passing null references. More item listeners / combat components. Combat events redone, revised hit and hitsplats delays in combat utilities components. Hitsplats properly fixed. Much better retaliate/block delays, hitsplats stacking fixed. Perfected hitsplats delays. Fixed up dragon claws special attack. Fixed a bug with modifiers and with start/finish methods for combat strategies, also worked on perfecting dragon claws special, small bug fixes with max hit method (wasn't x10 before), combined combat experience into one experience drop in the beginning of an attack. Vengeance implemented. Delays update through the actor receiving the hits, added ranged effects enum, removed some lint debug messages, prayer bug with modifiers fixed. Fixed some mob combat variables like attack delay and now uses mob's max hit from definitions. Added ring of recoil, fixed item listener loading bug, made recoil for vengeance and ring have a minimum damage amount, added ahrim spell to mob definition. Fixed blood healing spell effects. Fixed hitsplats removal on death, also limited the amount of queued hitsplats to 8. King Black Dragon added with his bbc (british broadcasting corporation, you sicko). Entity facing during combat fixed, within distance methods modified. Full KBD fire breath effects added. Added metalic dragons combat strategy. Made dragons into listeners instead of creating a new multi strategy object. Combat distance check, better combat reset. Distance checks are passed in the following task instead on the hit task, However it's still saved in combat for further access. Combat resets if victim is away 45 tiles away(teleported). Combat tick is also faster because we aren't updating if victim is nulled. Ranged combat effects fully added, although magic spells removed until further notice. Magic projectile definitions added, ranged projectiles added, minor changes to player ranged attack strategy. Added missing magic impact effects Magic dart spell effects added. Fixed a bug with multi-area combat, players could have done multi-effects on other players if they were in multi zones like ice barrage in a godwars would effect everyone 9x9. Fixed a potential bug with modifiers in listeners and strategies Please view the combat beta announcement for more information. Best regards, Avro.
  2. From the September 1st backup.
  3. Dear Edgevillians, We are gladly to announce that we will be hosting a Combat Beta this weekend. It's been roughly two weeks that we've been working on a new combat system. This combat system is a core system that was written from scratch to provide an efficient and dynamic gameplay. More than 30'000 lines were changed. Please note that there will be few remarks: This is a core system: we are evaluating the mechanics of the system. Any input towards the combat mechanics would be greatly appreciated. Many bosses won't have their unique combat abilities from the start of the beta (they will all be re-added as we go along our development). As we will be working on bosses, we will perfect them even more. A good boss which is currently implemented with the new combat system is the King Black Dragon. Some combat specials may be missing, report them please. Any feed back on hit timing and calculations would also be greatly appreciated. So how will it work? Edgeville will host combat beta for a week. You can spawn items with ::item id amout , ::spawn id amount or ::pickup id amount - for ids, here is an item list (item revisions go up to 667). You can max out your combat skills by doing ::master All player character files will be saved but you will have to restart your character as a new player. After the beta, the player files will get wiped, but there will be an advertising campaign. If you played Edgeville before or on beta, you will be rewarded with special items. Edgevillians who played before beta and want their stats back on the main release can just request them back. Their stats will be put back from the September 1st backup. Hopefully I made it more or less clear. You may post questions on this topic below. Best regards, Avro.
  4. Farewell my friend.Hopefully you will join us back, with love.
  5. Wrong place to post the thread. Also, telling staff to "get the fuck out" because they are mining a shooting star and asking for an update just to get a new star to promote bug abusing is a bad situation. However, best of luck to you in the future.
  6. Hello Edgevillians, Sorry for the late update log. So this is the list of changes done to the server for 17th & 18th August 2017: Revised all commands. Fixed IP Punishments to support unban/unmute when player is offline. Removed all money stalls which were abused. Fixed farming growing and decreased timers. Made godwards monsters non-aggressive against players. Fixed clan chat, now fully working. Tweaked the monster drop calculator. Fixed achievement rewards, now gives proper reward. Adding items to bank will now added to selected tab. Allowing players to have same items in different slots. Fixed depth-buffering (z-buffering), this is the depth camera check. This fixed when you equip certain items and you can see through them. Vanguards with cape had this issue and much more. Some boots also had this issue. Other hats such as the wizard hat is also on the list(could see the hair coming out of the hat). This update does make arrows and other items such as fire cape glitched in the inventory/shops (this will be fixed). On a side note, @Stan and another side-developer are still working on the new combat system which should come live next week! You may noticed our player count slightly decrease, please note that we aren't pushing any advertising plans at this moment as we are more focused on finishing the product itself first. We shall give a big advertising push once the combat will be finished and all bugs fixed. Best regards, Avro.
  7. Amazing guide, I hope you will update it once I fully finish the skill!
  8. And where did you left your 40M?
  9. Hello Edgevillians, Today was more of an dramatic day. More time was wasted on player management than actual development. I was still able to patch some few fixes at the end of the day: Fixed dwarf multi cannon bug. Fixed a drop dupe after a minigame. Revised smithing/forge experience rates. You can't take your hunting trap while it's catching. Made all drops more common. Made black and white flowers more rare in flower poker. The next update will contain a lot more bug fixes. Best regards, Avro.
  10. There is no linking system between the forums and the game. Unfortunately it will stay like that for security purposes. I gave you your ranks. - Closed
  11. Any input on it? You're talking about the unknown channel close I believe.
  12. Hello Edgevillians! So today, some of you might noticed that the server wasn't updated. This is due to the fact that we are currently rewriting the whole combat system. Before submitting any updates, we want to make sure that the combat will be ready for players. We are also redesigning our webpages. The new website will be live before the 17th August. Featuring a more colorful and professional style! Here is a small preview of the navigation bar: The new combat(completely written from scratch) will be tweaked to perfection. So pking will be nostalgic. It is far from being done, but should come live this week: It's an alpha-staged combat progess. However we finalized most of it's core. - Best regards, Avro.
  13. Removed the user. - Closed.
  14. Many of you might know that on the first few days of the release we had some dead-freezing moments. Indeed, I've been struggling to find errors in many places that would drastically affect the server's stability. I won't go in any developments details, just thought it would be fun for players to look down at my collection of server's error outputs that were all fixed. I will go into some development aspects in future blogs with logical sweetness of why Edgeville is a great server that was built with care and a lot of reflection. My beautiful collection:
  15. Hello Edgevillians, Here is the batch of drugupdates for today: Fixed the issue with loading new files, please tell me if you still have any troubles with it(screen freeze, etc). Fixed dwarven rock cackes. Fixed duel arena equipment rules. Fixed bones on altars. Changed drop generator slightly. Dwarf multi cannon fills max 30 shots. Added a lot of bankers(runecrafting, herblore, farming, essence mining). Drop chances slightly changed. Quest tab cleaned, now will always display vote & slayer points. Herblore grinding spam is now fixed. Networking disconnection should not be fixed(player kept logged in). Fixed runecrafting. Portal from mining zone brings you to rune essence. Another big thanks to Kerschah & Scuf for adding and testing more monster drops. Trade X has now be re-enabled as it's fixed and dupe free. Best regards, Avro.