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  1. Dear Edgevillians, We are proud to announce that the new combat system is finally close to being done. We're almost entering a phase where we need to test it extensively together with our community. We will be hosting certain events to resolve any combat issues that we aren't aware of and winners will receive prices on the live game. You will receive more information about this soon. Regards, - The Edgeville Staff team.
  2. We are still investigating this problem. Thanks for reminding us
  3. This is already in the game, click on the "iron man" line in the quest tab and it'll pop up a dialogue asking you if you want to reset back to regular player, closed.
  4. Has been resolved, if you still don't agree feel free to create a new post and state what you'd think be the best price for certain items, closed.
  5. Not enough support, closed.
  6. Video isn't available and has probably been deleted so i'm not sure what you're trying to show us!
  7. Welcome Ryan.
  8. Welcome!
  9. Hello Edgevillians, Here are the latest updates. Region improvements(item sequencing & cleanup). More region data modifications are in synchronized blocks. Region adding and removing is now thread safe. Post update is done sequentially, it updates region actor manipulations. Improved mob aggression(pre check boolean skip). Improved combat formulas / added mob attributes. Logging out players after an update, allowing to flush buffer on time. Added faster switching. Added Magic & Ranged accuracy and defence calculations. Added dwarf multicannon. Added item sets opening with chisel. Added Rune pouches. Updated mob attack bonuses. KBD combat adjustments. Added Essence Pouches. Updated few shops.
  10. Hello Edgevillians, Here are the latest updates. Farming has been added. Allotments Bushes Flowers Herbs Mushrooms Trees Curing The two patches at Edgeville can be used for farming. More summoning familiars have been added. Pyrelord with the passive ability where it can replace a tinderbox. Bloated leech. Magpie with the forager ability where it forages certain gems. Spirit terrorbird with the beast of burden ability where it can hold upto 12 items. All different types of conversations have been done for these familiars. Several minor fixes.
  11. Hello Edgevillians, Here are the latest updates. Hunter has been fixed and works now. The client clouds are fully responsive now. Fixed furniture building bug in construction. Fixed teleportation region update for construction. Achievements are now saved. The clan chat system has been fixed (No more sending empty packet strings or sending entire clan chat info for each player when a player joins a clan chat) Construction interfaces can now also be toggled between osrs or the custom black panels.
  12. Hello Edgevillians, Here is the latest update log we have for you. Player achievements. Player information panel. Client clouds. (Togglable) First time starting the client the settings panel opens. The pictures speak a thousand words. Login screen Player information panel Achievements To the best upcoming community of Edgeville, The Edgeville Staff Team.
  13. Welcome Abyssal, I hope you enjoy your time here at Edgeville.
  14. Welcome Mickenzy, I hope you'll stick with us.
  15. Welcome Naaktslakje