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  1. Thaanks faaam!:)
  2. Thanks fam!:)
  3. Thanks bud, ill try my best to make everyone like me since i dont wanna make anyone feel like i dont like them or so
  4. I almost got u the last time we both know i could have ran and lived happy ever after ahhaa. its insane how many ppl that told me to run lol, even admins and moderators. but i kinda dint care i was done with the server anyways. we both know i dont want to rm that one and that i dint even like the items u had. all good tho!<3
  5. hahaha yh fam ill have to compete with you!!
  6. yh thanks fam! just noticed that the title is wrong lol
  7. Hello guys, so since im going to be playing on this server for a while i tought i'd might aswell make my own little "Goals And Achievements" List. [Not Started] [In Progress] [Completed] ____________________________ - Maxed Out / Max Cape (Combat & Skilling Wise) - Completionist Cape (99/120 All Skills & Finish All Quest & Achievements) - Nr.1 Richest Player In Game - Earn A Staff Rank - Hit 500 Subscribers On My New Channel - Earn Respect From Each And Every Player In Game - Earn Highest Donator Rank - Do A Giveaway (500$ - 1000$ ) - Make My Clan Successfull (Wealthy & Big Roster) - Create Good And Entertaining Videos
  8. i have no idea how to even start one of these messages out lmao.. but hi i guess. im one of the "youtubers" on this server. both me and sohan used to play on elkoy befor we jumped over here. you might recognize my name from either youtube (my old channel where i grew up to 2k subs) or elkoy (for being #1 richest at 3-4t for a couple days until i decided to quit) but enough about that, i will be playing on this server to try to make entertaining videos on this server where i will be gamble and doing "road to" and ect. im also a graphic designer, i make pretty much anything designing related, i will be involved in some of the design on this server. enough about that lets talk about the achuall "me". so im swedish 17 year old boy. (please dont judge my english spelling xD) im a nice person wich i hope fully will be able to prove on this server or if u already knew me from another server then u should already know im a nice person since i used to talk to pretty much everyone who wanted something or needed help with something. even if they spammed the shit out of me. buy yh not much els to say i guess. i hope to se you all on the server and lets try to make the best out of this time we have! (sorry for my long introduction)