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  1. My name is Bridget, anyone who respects me for being a female gamer can eventually receive my surname What I Enjoy :I enjoy my work I do caring in a care home for the elderly... I find it rewarding that I'm helping some very heart warming people in their last years of life, I get a bond like no other with them and its the greatest feeling in the world knowing they've had a friend there with them before sadly passing away </3In my spare time I enjoy gaming... not as a whole but certain parts of it, I always used to game on consoles such as Xbox One/PS4 but never really found it that rewarding playing with what seemed to be the same arrogant males day in day out, Runescape on the other hand has let me get away from all of that and gave me an escape to play a open world adventure<3My Age : Im 21 years oldMy Nationality : British ( United Kingdom )The goal I've had on every server I've played :Too bring a calm and sweet atmosphere to all who are around, Try my hardest to defuse any high tempered situations with a respectful manner, and most importantly.. Support the Owners in all that they do <3Things I DONT like :Food : Tomatoes, Gherkins/Pickles, Strong flavoured cheese!People who cry about gaming : I don't like cry babies, Im 21 years old and I cannot stand people who whine or cry at situations in life, sometimes you just have to get back up and carry on... There is so many awful things going on in the world don't act like your life is that hard because you ( Lost a stake ) ( Died in PK ) ( Died in Pvm ) yes these things are frustrating at the best of times but everyone can re-build<3Working Out : I may not have the worst figure in the world, nor the best but one thing I really do not like is working out/diets.. Eat what you have to eat, Drink what you have to drink... Your body is yours you decide how you want to look!I hope that tells you all enough about me so we can get along, and hopefully spark a future friendship online!I've also added proof that I am indeed female, as I've had problems with people asking me for proof previously, See me in gameBridget<3