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  1. Love the farming updates. Can't wait to play
  2. Love the achievements, nice job
  3. Nice work on the interface updates, looks great.
  4. Support. Ranking also needs to be changed to how real rs highscores are. What I mean by that is that it needs to rank by level instead of exp. It should only rank by experience if the users level is the same. If they need help getting this setup, let me know. It's a super easy fix with the query.
  5. I appreciate it Was minoring in graphics design, but I scrapped it last year. I don't find joy in doing it over and over again. I much prefer development.
  6. Thank you!
  7. Just put this together as well. Trying out some different design techniques
  8. Used to do graphics work all the time, but stopped over a year ago. First time cracking it open in quite awhile and this is what I came up with. Thoughts? EDIT: Just made another cus was goofing with designs
  9. Would love to see rest option
  10. Good to see lots of bugs being fixed
  11. Your in-game name isn't going to be, 'IPs Ingame Account' ?
  12. Did you mean to make your account Ruenhub instead of Runehub?
  13. That's pretty awesome lol not gonna lie
  14. Hey

    I go to windrock decently often. Went there with a few guys for a race back in march. Never been to Trials Training Center, though. I live a mile from Rotary Park which is just a smaller park with around 20 miles of trails and go to Percy Warner/Land Between the Lakes if I want an actual ride.