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  1. Ur a nerd >:D
  2. 1-99 Farming Not finished because I don't want to type everything that doesnt work out. There isn't really an order to plant seeds in because of the way you get seeds - thieving farmers. To begin farming you will need to go to the farming teleport in the skilling tab. I have ancient spells so the placement is different. Get some of your money from the banker at the farming teleport then buy a rake, a seed dibber, a trowel, 10 plant cure, 10 compost and 10 watering cans. (You'll have to buy more plant cure and watering cans later on) Rake all your patches and then use the compost patches on them. Getting Seeds To get seeds you can pickpocket Martin the Master Gardener (you'll need lvl 90 thieving) OR pickpocket the Master Farmer at Draynor (this farmer is better as you wont get hit a lot and you'll get more seeds) Levels, Types of Seeds and Timers https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1IgNz4zTO_vrMvNQdjVjNSzUyPqhXgW5hnDF_CP01kDA/edit?usp=sharing The seeds in red are not working. The times are the same as runescape's so this will take a very long time. Hopefully this will change but then the guide will be a little outdated. Patches Trees - ::Home / West of lumbridge castle / Varrock Castle Courtyard / Falador Park / South East of Taverly POH / Gnome Stonghold (You really shouldn't grow these atm the timers are just...) (To grow a tree you need to mine some clay at the mining teleport, use the humidify spell on it to make it into soft clay, go to south of barbarian village and use the soft clay on the potters wheel and make a plant pot and then use the unfired plant pot on the furnace at the crafting teleport. To put the seed into the pot go to ::home and use the plant pot on a tree patch that you've put compost on and raked then use a watering can on the pot and then use the pot on the seed... - You need 19 crafting) Herbs, flowers and vegetables - Locations > Draynor then run here. Skilling teleport Locations > East Ardougne then run north Berries Run here from Edgeville or Lumbridge. South of Varrock. Locations > Falador - Run south of here. Locations > East Ardougne - Run south
  3. Adding bank holders would make banking easier and wouldn't mess up how your bank looks after you've organised it. Working banks at duel arena and ::dice. Add cave kraken boss / slayer task. Add whip vine to mutated jadinkos so non donors can have vine whips. Potion flasks will let you have a (6) potion. -------------------------------- I think the 'smooth dance' emote should be added.
  4. Sad times...
  5. Thanx nub now i can catch up - 1gp
  6. Have fun Boo.
  7. Take a shit on the floor.
  8. wag 1
  9. I love and hate gambling. :I
  10. Welcome. Can I call you dad?
  11. Steam : http://steamcommunity.com/id/Seitzyyt OSRS : "Berceuse" & "Seitzyy" (I don't play much though)
  12. Enjoy the font. Not started In progress Finished -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Max Get friends (THANKS @BALL) Get a phat set ;)) Get full vesta Kill each boss (Drops) (Stats) ᕙ(˵ ಠ ਊ ಠ ˵)ᕗ
  13. I'll probably take it too tbh.
  14. Welcome. I'm british too. >.>
  15. Welcome and good luck.