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  1. Sad to hear Scuff, you didn't even get the chance to ban/mute me once...
  2. Perfect.
  3. Sup edgevillians, The server is pretty much dead at this moment and the staff aren't active/sharing info about upcoming updates. What is going on guys, When will we have advertisement? Are we making progressing? Your honorable community member, Green
  4. GJ, Bring it on.
  5. I agree... wait what?!
  6. I don't have the permission/skill to fix this problem. Please stop asking stupid questions, Ball.
  7. Hey guys, As everyone knows we are expierincing a lot of glitches and bugs that need to be fixed. There were also a lot of duplication issues lately that kind of slowed the server progress. Maybe it's a good idea to just freeze the server for a few days so the admins/developers can totaly focus on fixing the bugs/glitches and coding for the combat system etc. We should definately consider this as an option. Your honorable community member, Green
  8. Everyone is expierincing it. An admin can probably fix it, untill it happens again.
  9. After the rollback i lost a few stats and some items. Skills: Slayer used to be 91 and now it's 79. Prayer used to be 88 and not it's 83. Items: I had 5 whips total in my bank from training abbysals. 1 abbysal pet. 1 berserker ring (i). Onyx gem (from votebox) Points: Went from 70 vote points to 58. I unfortunately don't have a screenshot but i hope the staff members will trust my words.
  10. Welcome.
  11. Cool. Bet it looks cooler in real life.
  12. First of all, open this sad violin music before reading this.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QuNhTLVgV2YToday, my fellow Edgevillians has been a sad day.Today is the first day i received my mute... a mute man...And you know whats the worst of all? I have been muted by Xa, the first guy i met on this server.I remember we were training together at rock crabs and we had a little talk and now he is muting me for flamebaiting.How can a man play on this server without communication, i dont even know for how long i've been muted.I'm sorry to spread this sad news with you guys but im tired of this bullcrap.So to conclude i'm announcing that i'm quitting.Yes i'm gonna quit guys.I want to thank some people:BallDaveValkyrian (valk)Karki (carkey, that's what i call him)I'm sorry if i forgot more names.Bye guys, maybe i'll see you guys in the afterlife.
  13. Photoshop.
  14. I dont want this game to be pay to win and thus unfair for non-donators, so i disagree with you on this one.
  15. Have you guys ever seen a monkey unbox a fidget spinner? LMAO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FaWeaPap84k