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  1. Just logged in and i was level 3 and had to do the intro to edgeville again, lost everything?
  2. Chips Ahoyed is my hero
  3. Support
  4. Another small idea related to the wilderness could be the addition of something like a happy hour where at certain times (say four times a day) there is something called a wilderness happy hour. during this hour: blood money drops could increase by an amount say 20% Drop chances from wilderness bosses like chaos elemental increase by a percentage Rune ore in the wilderness when mined gets noted Wilderness agility xp increase by something like 50% Three new mini bosses spawn around the wilderness which drop clue scroll type drops or even clue scrolls if they are released Rocktail fishing location appears maybe ideas can be changed added and removed towards the ideal way it would be done, i believe this is a good idea as it gives everyone a reason to come into the wilderness even those who would never usually have a reason to.
  5. True maybe not a game mode but a command that costs the equivalent money such as ::pkbase rune armor glor obby cape etc
  6. This is mainly to satisfy the people who don't care about anything else but pvp and might make wildy active. A few commands could be included such as ::purekit and stuff but only untradeables and say the food can be free such as PVP Rocktail but it heals 15% less
  7. Maybe there could be a pvp game mode, have there be a custom shop for accounts that are under pvp mode to have free custom untradeables such as PVP Rune. This way it will be easy for people to pk as there would be a shop full of basic needs for pking which will all be free and it wont impact the economy if say the rune platebodys were actually a custom untradeable item called PVP Rune Platebody. Maybe some tradeoffs such as -10% less blood money? I'm still not sure if this is a good idea or not so please comment if you hate how it sounds or if you like the idea, thanks.
  8. I really do support this, it would add more reason to play the server for those just looking for something different to do.
  9. shitpost

    Limited edition ball?
  10. Wtf, this is some next level shit!
  11. shitpost

    The server has the best staff.
  12. i am sincerely sorry for my awful use of color in this post.
  13. Hello Edgevillians (lol) The fact is that Advertising will be happening, but when is the most important decision for our community and the staff. I have seen a few people demand for and question when the server will start to be advertised so that we start to get real nice player counts and have nice things such as an active wilderness, active mini-games and more. However, if we are to advertise too early some major issues can be caused, for example: Players join, Get annoyed due to minor bugs that are easily fixable Players join, Major bugs occur leading to deaths, rage quits etc New players abuse methods of making money from ways that they are not supposed to (I found a simple non-complicated way to make hundreds of mill without doing anything, i made a time-lapse of it and ended up with like 250m from only a short while of the method, the money was removed from the game through Avro) - i was planning on going to 1 bill for the shock and make a video about why advertisement should be held off. If a main wave of players start joining the rates of drops from monsters might not be ideal yet for a mass killing of the creature New players might rage quit from small changes that need to be done for a higher population such as Mining's rock spawn rates which already are pretty tough for more than one person Already with an active player base of 20 players some minor and major bugs are emerging, i personally have located a few issues that can ruin the economy if mass abused and the method of abuse i found for making money was scary because it was so simple, doesn't take much thinking and was located right next to one of the first locations people would be in. I have located a few things in the server that could be detrimental to the server if a mass population are playing at once as if i found something easily the others would have found it too and could have spread without anybody noticing it, the good thing about having a lower player count at the moment while some abuseable things might exist is that the players can be monitored by staff who can quickly teleport to 20 different people like a little routine checkup. I even found something which gave an item from the vote shop worth 50 votes. These have been fixed Advertising will be a thing! we should not worry. But i fear that advertising too soon might cause the people we attract to end up leaving. We want the people we attract to stick around. Our server has an amazing base, just some bug finding and fixing and a bit of finalising before we have the 'second launch' is what i believe would be great for the server, so please don't hate or demand the advertising to be done soon because it will done and when its time to advertise we will be opening heaven's gates! PS. i will be making a suggestions post, in my post i will include a few ideas of small things that can be added to add some 'completionist' factor and an even stronger reason to play. The kind of things that will draw you in to keep playing such as skilling pets (highly technical) and Npcs unlock requirements such as kill x amount to unlock x creature which has a high chance of dropping this very rare item!
  14. Congrats Rela and Xa, good choices!
  15. Corrupt Zuriel's Staff