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  1. how many doeshe ahve now
  2. Ofcourse there is an advantage like there should be for donators
  3. And green i completely disagree with your opinion, because it doesnt make anything pay to win pay to win means there are items in the game only donators can wear or use, that is pay to win
  4. Tbh if you spend 100$ on donator rank there should be advantages i am sticking to my post as a must.
  5. What exactly is hard to understand here? Let me know so I can fix it
  6. So when are you picking the winner
  7. Why doesnt my ingame rank show here on forums?
  8. Alright since i didnt saw it yet. Dynamit already sent this to some admins but still. donator stuff that has to be added: -spec/hp/run energy/prayer restore portal at donatorzone or home (only donors can use it) timer scales with donator status (norm donor10 mins, super 5, extreme 1) -blood money reward increase upon killing opponent , also scales with donor status (normal 1.2x, super 1,6x , extreme 2.0x) -since its pk server drop rate from bosses should be slightly increased (to donors only ofc) scale with donor status(normal 3%, super 6%,extreme10%) if thats too much just make new percents. THIS ARE 3 IMPORTANT THINGS TO ADD! there is also suggestion with flasks in donor store, but I am not sure if they would bo donator only to use or all players should be able to use them.