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  1. In the donator store everything is like way way way to much money, vangaurd/battle-mage/trickster are 100-150$ a peice and should be like 20$ it should be 100$ for a set not 700 also all 3 of the stead boots are 30$ each they should be like 5-10$ and just everything is to much it all needs to be a lot less
  2. Thank you
  3. I've also been waiting a very long time, I really hope its what I expected
  4. Hello, I can't wait to see you in-game as the server looks amazing and should be fun to compete with you on the highscores. Also note that I don't sleep so I will above u at all times
  5. Hello, i've been surfing youtube/rsps list websites for months and I think I finally found a rsps I will enjoy. Soulsplit 1 was my favorite rsps because it had a huge pvp scene as long as it was an eco server. I think this server will go far, I'm going to be making lots of videos for this server you can find my youtube here. Youtube Channel If everyone could subscribe to me it would mean the world to me Find me in-game!