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  1. Looks good wish I had time to check it out
  2. Looks damn good Avro and thanks for the shout out :)!
  3. Can't wait to use this guide. I'll hit 99 in no time!
  4. Of course man
  5. Furys have been fixed you just need to do it the osrs way, I can show you in-game. I added Ava's to rock crab drop table as a rare but the drops hadn't been uploaded till today and the rates were kinda messed up so avro was looking into that as well as the Sara brews. As for the spade I believe there is one in the general store. But I totally agree on the overloads and hope that gets looked into. As for soul split I noticed the same but I think it has to do with the x10 hits doesn't match up so if you switch to regular hits that will be a fix till soulsplit gets re worked. Love the post by the way thanks much!
  6. Lovebird Avro keep up the good work :)!
  7. Awesome work
  8. Best Of luck man!
  9. Sweet man glad too see how active the developers are!
  10. Hey my name is Nate, in game name is Kerschah. Just thought I'd drop in and introduce my self. Just hopping around trying to find a server I can grind so hope to see a lot of you in game. Looks like a load of fun! Catch me on the Highscores!!
  11. can't wait