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  1. <3
  2. I've been told by server owner Avro, to post an application on this section.
  3. Information about me: Age:21 Location: Denmark Timezone: GMT+1 Runescape knowledge: RS since 2005 / RSPS since 2010 Education: Finished college, finished Army school (6 months). Work: Security I describe myself as a mature person since I work as a Security guard in real life, I know the different aspects we people have. I know how to provide GOOD service and speak with people, without affecting their morale. Why do you believe you should be promoted to Moderator? - I've been around since day 1, I've been helping new people, experienced people, staff members, because of the knowledge I have about the game. I'm trusted in the community, friendly and always happy to interact with the people. How would you benefit the server further as a moderator? - I would benefit the server in the future a lot, with the knowledge about the game, and the active European time I play in. As a Player Moderator, i would be active in my timezone to interact with the people, help them out and host events, to keep the community close to us. How much game time do you have currently? - I've been on the server since release date 11, August. How active are you? - I'm active every day, when people were around, I used to play 10+ hours every day, but now I'm currently chilling in after work. Anything else?: - I'm always working every time I get on, besides doing my thing PvM/Skilling/ helping others in CC, I'm always finding new bugs/patches and glitches. I've reported many to our current Admins and are very open minded about suggesting new content. If there is anything further than my application, that you wish to know about, please feel free to ask me. - Sincerely, Dynamit.
  4. IGN: Dynamit Rank: Super Donator
  5. Keep up the good work bro, wish you good luck, and it means a lot to us that you guys care that much!
  6. Maybe it's directly taken from another server, BUT small changes could be made and it is indeed AMAZING! The thing with this interface is, lets say you are a donator + youtuber + dicer or ironman, you can change your ranks whenever you want! If you dont want to show you are a youtuber when not making videos, or if not want to show you are a dicer, if not gambling, it's perfect for the community!
  7. Nurse from Duel arena at home (to regain health, so we can heal our hitpoints after a slayer task) Nurse from Duel arena at DONATORZONE (to regain health+special attack) ::emptyinventory/::empty (works ONLY for admin+) command, should be added to everyone ::maxhit/::max command, should be added to show what your max melee/range/mage hit is dwarven rock cake to lower hp/add to voteshop black mask/slayer helmet, not working, not giving the slayer task bonus hits (hitting more with the regular neitznot helmet on) slayer helmet 30 task to create instead of 100! Vanguard/battlemage/trickster real stats (85 defence/85range/85mage), atm it requires 1 defence/stats to wear Soulsplit rework maybe? Donator prices 10/15$- 25$ (Dicer rank 50$)? - Extreme $100$+, Golden 200$+ - Runecrafting full inv same XP as if you do 1 ESSENCE! MUST BE CHANGED ASAP -Item lose death option (would be nice to PK, and see what we protect or lose on death) NEWLY ADDED: Glacors is very challenging to kill, and making the boots drop to Very Rare from Extremely Rare is a suggestion. - Add PvP item drop to Chaos Ele, it's wilderness people needs to Risk to die for such good rewards! make the drops such as morrigans/zuriels Rare, /Statius/Vesta Very Rare - when you drink potions (supers etc.) The drain time is not realistc, it goes down VERY FAST
  8. Well done Avro.
  9. Well done! Keep up the good job
  10. I don't know about the moderations, but I was the person that caught that YouTuber and told him that you are telling me bullshit, because you can't get bandos from the boss, so I found out something was fishy in this case. - Indeed paying 5k worth of blood coins (Vesta set) to a youtube for what? videos? - He admitted as well he got paid mithril seeds, to do dice videos. So what if ppl start winning from him, those "vesta" and other items he has will start being added to the economy in an illegal way, which will ruin the fun of the game.
  11. Good work mate
  12. No support