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  1. I like all of the ideas especially the nurse. Would be very convenient to have a way to heal up when you are not in the middle of any serious pvming.
  2. Yes! Thank you for adding shift-drop! So nice to have!
  3. I support, especially Ironman being able to obtain ava's.
  4. Agreed, Youtuber rank is pretty OP atm for making videos. Sure, videos are a great help to the server and they should be compensated for their time. But a Youtuber rank alone with some small benefits should be enough. Players should want to make these videos and help out just for the sole purpose of wanting to see the server grow and expand, not just for OP benefits.
  5. Hi, I started playing yesterday and during my combat training all of the melee stats were great but once I got to range it costed so much money were it left my bank in ruins. The range gear is super expensive in the shop and when you are ranging with the Ava's the ammo you use goes super fast and by the time you kill a monster and go to pickup your ammo up from the ground a lot of it has already disappeared. I would love to see the Ava's get buffed a bit so it is more affordable to use range. Because right now doing slayer tasks I am losing money or just barely breaking even. This would be especially great for new players including myself since gold is fairly a challenge to obtain in the beginning stages of joining the server. -Meteor
  6. Good video covering some of the basic content. Great job!
  7. Support, I played for 5 hours of pure pvming and I am having a really hard time making profit. Would be nice to see rates nerfed a bit with other ways to obtain gold.
  8. Damn good updates. Quick fixes as well, nice job mate!
  9. Support, would be very nice to have
  10. Nice list of updates. Server is looking great I am excited to see what future updates are to come!
  11. Thanks mate! Ya usually busy on weekends! We will run into eachother soon
  12. Could be improved with some pictures and design but the general information is nice to know. Thanks!
  13. Hi everyone I am a new player who is excited to try the server out. I saw the advertisement thread on Rune-Server and I knew I had to come check it out. It looks great from first looks so now I am excited to try out the gameplay! You will see me online quite a bit either skilling or pvming. I like to stay active on the forums as well so you can always get a hold of me here Excited to meet y'all!