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Chips Ahoyed

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  1. I will always be on!
  2. Thanks Scuf!
  3. Love your photoshop cs6 work! Do you take in-game cash/items?
  4. Hello Edgeville! I recently have donated $30 to the server, and would like my rank to be updated please. And also on the Discord channel, my name is Chips Ahoyed on there as well. Thank you.
  5. Absolutely stoked for this! I can't wait! Keep up the great work Stan + dev team
  6. Thanks for the guide 1GP! Very much appreciated.
  7. Will post screenshot of winnings later on.
  8. Not sure if the battle actually happens... Apparently HBO accidentally aired episode 6 in Europe and now everyone has been watching it, huge spoiler. I will not be joining although I know a huge spoiler. I won't ruin for you haha.
  9. Someone logged on and starting dropping max cash stacks and max blood money stacks. Yes, everyone account got rolled back.
  10. The Dupe of August 16th 2017 Feel free to add your own pictures! Let's not forget this terrible moment when we had to get all of our items rolled back for a couple of hours but had a TON of fun with items that would have taken us weeks or months to get! Only kids from August 16th 2017 will remember.
  11. I have a theory Drogon will torch Jon Snow. He will not burn. Daenerys will know. Shit will hit the fan. I'm loving the season so much so far but very sad seeing it come to an end so soon! 7 episodes is not enough!
  12. Omg guys Green gave me 5M he's amazing. You are all lyin. Everyone has also been so extremely friendly this is such a great server!
  13. Hell yeah this would be a great idea! I 100% support this.
  14. Thanks for your support guys! And yes, placeholders would be AMAZING.
  15. Thanks for your feedback man!