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  1. Swing for Maxin

    Electro Swing Trap FTW

  2. That's a lot of things you guys did. +1 Keep up the good work, I don't want to wait a whole day but I have a feeling that its worth it.
  3. Smooth Swing for Maxin

  4. Sad to see you go, I'ma miss you Scruf.
  5. This appears to have happened to everyone.. its seems to be an accidental wipe.. I so far this is all the news we have gotten, I do hope this is fixed soon.
  6. This is good to here, I knew of certain things that were happening from word of mouth but to have them in text is much more reassuring.
  7. When you are the only one on the server.

  8. Awesome can't wait. I agree we needed a positive post.
  9. And then he precedes to eat it...
  10. I am in support of this option, even though I am fairly new here I do agree with Green that a few days respite might do the server some good. I am also for (admins and such) taking a break and getting some time to regroup and recharge themselves as they have been working really hard keeping up with the problems that arose.
  11. Just wanted to chime in and say my bit, shame we had a rollback. I too have lost things.. The only ones I really care about are the 99 mining 73 prayer and 70 slayer/93 mining 64 prayer and 63 slayer. As for stuff I can get stardust and re-buy amour from the shops. I wasn't hit hard as I don't have much to lose, I'm not looking for a reimbursement or anything. Sorta good for me I guess, spent most of the day striking out at metal dragons..sorta like a redo, who knows maybe now I'll get lucky?
  12. I second that.
  13. Yes it did. I'm not as hype as I seem.. I really couldn't care less tbh. Just a thing to start a convo while we all waited for the server.