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  1. For anybody unaware, there is now a countdown timer on the home page of this website, for when the combat beta goes live. Until then the server itself will be down.
  2. An apple a day keeps DiCaprio away!

    1. Dj Slimey

      Dj Slimey

      The director said: "Let give you an apple, so you'll look like even more of an asshole."

  3. sweet, ill take it easy tomorrow then haha, thanks for the clarification
  4. Referring to number 7, do we get our skills and xp from a september 2nd backup? or do they just get set to 99 if we had them?
  5. We didnt get that many chances to chat, but i hope all is well, until next time my friend o/
  6. there was an accident last night, all items were wiped, and stats of any characters that werent online at the time. all the admins were on last night working on a plan, i dont know exactly what they decided on, but last i heard they will roll out the combat update now in a beta phase, then fix everyones stats, and give everyone some items. ofcoarse this is just what i gathered from being there last night, im not certain on their plans
  7. This is really good to know, i was sure you guys were still up to something, but its nice to have more info on the matter. Keep up the good work.