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  1. like this but instead of "awesome i want it to say dylan
  2. hey man could you do something for me, since my name is "imdylan" i wanted to do one of the name tag things like that image but i want "imdylan" and it to look cool
  3. As long as I have fun doing it. Looking forward to seeing you guys in-game!
  4. _____________________ Wealth: 0/999M _____________________ Total experience: 1,300 Combat: 3/138 Total Level: 34/2496 _____________________ Attack: 1/99 Defence: 1/99 Strength: 1/99 Constitution: 1/99 Ranged: 1/99 Prayer: 1/99 Magic: 1/99 Cooking: 1/99 Woodcutting 1/99 Fletching: 1/99 Fishing: 1/99 Firemaking: 1/99 Crafting: 1/99 Smithing: 1/99 Mining: 1/99 Herblore: 1/99 Agility: 1/99 Theiving: 1/99 Slayer: 1/99 Farming: 1/99 Runecrafting: 1/99 Hunter: 1/99 Construction: 1/99 Summoning: 1/99 Dungeoneering: 1/99 _____________________ Also credits to Thomas for the layout
  5. SO in the few minutes the server was on, a player that was an Iron Man traded me, that shouldn't be able to happen, also he wanted the Iron Man title
  6. WELCOME! Looking forward to seeing you in game
  7. Welcome man! Hope to see you in-game!!!
  8. Hey guys my name is Dylan, I'm 17 and I've been playing Runescape private servers for many years now and some of you may know my name from some of the multiple servers i played. I used to test new servers and do beta testing so I would download and play almost all of them. I was moderator on Near-Reality way back when and I've been staff on a few other servers as well. I'll most likely be on a lot and i hope to see you guys in game!