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  1. Allright, as the first person on Edgeville to get 99 agility, here is the best way to do it. step Uno numbro 1: do gnome course till you reach lvl 35. Step numbro dose. click on the rope swing at barb till you reach lvl 52, its gonna take you a long time so get a cold one and crack er open. Stemp numbro Three; now here is where the grind comes, like step 2 crack open a cold one if your old enough, run the course till you start to fall asleep you get around 20k xp with out double xp, with double xp, you get around 40k. if you want a timeline for instance: IT TOOK ME 12 HOURS TO GO FROM 79 to 99 AGILITY. I REPEAT ONLY DO AGILITY WITH DOUOBLE XP IF YOU DONT WANT TO SUFFER LIKE ME. This was a joke, as the first guide ill edit it later to be forreal
  2. anything with heavy bass for me
  3. What kind of hobbies does everyone have, other than rs. For me: im into xbox, tv, subs swimming, My favorite hobby is probablly subs, i had a pretty loud system in my old truck
  4. Very good suggestions
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  15. Wealth: 0/25B - - - Total experience: 1,300 Combat: 3/138 Total Level: 34/2496 Total xp: / Attack: 1/99 Defence: 1/99 Strength: 1/99 Constitution: 1/99 Ranged: 1/99 Prayer: 1/99 Magic: 1/99 Cooking: 1/99 Woodcutting 1/99 Fletching: 1/99 Fishing: 1/99 Firemaking: 1/99 Crafting: 1/99 Smithing: 1/99 Mining: 1/99 Herblore: 1/99 Agility: 99/99 Theiving: 1/99 Slayer: 1/99 Farming: 1/99 Runecrafting: 1/99 Hunter: 1/99 Construction: 1/99 Summoning: 1/99 Dungeoneering: 1/99 more to add later Thanks Tommy for layout Like this Th