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  1. Welcome! Enjoy your stay!
  2. It was only 95% here so it really didn't even get that dark. And I still had to go to tennis practice and run in which it wasn't any cooler
  3. Put a lot of work into this and a lot more is left to do! Go check out our Wiki - http://edgeville.wikia.com/wiki/Edgeville_Wiki

  4. He said in comments once he gets 30 entries Goodluck everyone
  5. Thanks for updates. Maybe add a skillcape shop soon
  6. Added!
  7. All boss pages have been completed. Some are missing some drops so if you would like to help me with that, send me a screenshot. Also, some of them are missing their Hitpoints because they are not listed on OSRS wiki or may be custom bosses. Thanks and hope it helps some of you!
  8. It would be nice for us to have the 100+ players we had back in July.
  9. Good luck with your goals!
  10. What about something for the original Edgeville players from back in July
  11. Every time I have logged on it's been nothing but people trying to get each other muted in the Help chat. Big turn off for new players and very annoying for veterans.
  12. Welcome to Edgeville!
  13. Welcome enjoy the server!
  14. Hello welcome!