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  1. Glad to see the updates coming back (hopefully!) This server still has potential to become one of the best, just needs the time put in, then sit back and reap the rewards.
  2. Shame to see you go. We've had some good conversations, you'll be a big loss to the staff team. Good luck in the future!
  3. It's good to know you guys are still working on things, I must admit I had my doubts as all staff went quiet and the server pretty much died. Just a quick update every few days wouldn't go a miss. I don't think it's close to being released for advertisement - need to make sure farming works properly (not sure if it does yet as I've not been online much) and there are no more dupes.
  4. Nobody has a clue what's going on. It would be good if the staff kept us updated, were the ones helping out by finding bugs after all.
  5. Hope to see you return soon enough. I'm the same, still keeping an eye on everything waiting for @Avro to fix my slayer task bug (doesn't seem to be getting looked at any time soon) and to add more content.
  6. Good job Stan. Seems to be the only positivity going on lately, server needed it!
  7. Let's face it, the server has gone tits up the last few days but the staff are trying their best to fix everything, what I hate to see is the small community we once had, get smaller by the day. Everyone needs to remember that Avro hasn't started advertising yet, once he does the player base will get a large boost and naturally, the game will become more fun as there's others to interact with. I have to admit my play time has dropped drastically the last 2 days, partially due to the rollback/unable to do slayer but also just real life stuff getting in the way. @Green is still a a little shit though.
  8. I've suggested the well of goodwill many of times, there's a reason most servers have it. It works. 25m for 60 minutes of double experience.
  9. This is a good idea. Makes sense also as it's in the wilderness there's risk of death from other players.
  10. How'd you get onyx ring (i)?
  11. But why can't you fix It, Green?!
  12. He tricked you
  13. Welcome to Edgeville :-)
  14. I've lost a fair amount of time and effort due to the most recent rollback, quite frankly am not doing those skills again as they're a pain. This is what I had 11am Saturday morning, I also had 46 Farming as I was getting ready for maple tree's but I did not screenshot later on. and this is what I have post-rollback, quite the difference. I ask for my stats back as it was not my fault, if anything I done everything I could to help out.
  15. I live in the UK so not sure if I can see that shit, I haven't been outside to check regardless lol. Looks cool though.