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  1. That last one really isn't necessary, if you have any issues with our way of working, report it to an Administrate directly, not put it in a suggestion thread, that issue was dealt with by me without having to take action that I would prefer not to take, and that's the end of it. Regarding the Youtuber's, they have their ranks specifically for promoting our server, but I will look into the items for you.
  2. This issue has now been resolved. Closing.
  3. Welcome to Edgeville.
  4. Some nice gfx, that barrage banner brought back some memories, used to play for them in the past.
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  6. Welcome to Edgeville my friend.
  7. GOT ftwwww!
  8. Welcome to Edgeville mate.
  9. Welcome to Edgeville, and good luck with your goals.
  10. Welcome.
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  12. fairplay, one of the best intro's I've see so far! Welcome to Edgeville!
  13. Hey everyone! Thought I might as well through an intro together before we get grinding. I'm Valkyrian, I am 21 years of age, and hot damn am I excited for this game! Away from the computer though, I am a police officer, living in the UK, but have always had a passion for gaming and things technical, with around 13 years of rs, and rsps experience, It's fair to say I've been on the scene for sometime. It's getting very close to release, I'm looking forward to grinding out with you all! But for now, have a good day.
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  15. Welcome to Edgeville.