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  1. War

    Let's hope we can just have peace around the world and all play Edgeville
  2. Welcome, from the looks of your avatar you look like you smoke weed
  3. Business, PC gaming, Music Have to say i love blasting my tunes
  4. R&B, Hiphop, Grime, Trap, Afro beats
  5. Not a fan but i'm sure other people will like it
  6. Rick and Morty is the shit!
  7. Good luck with your goals buddy, hope you can achieve them all! See you in game
  8. Title says it all, let's make the thread with the most posts and see how long it lasts
  9. I've had friends who love it but tbf i've never really sat down and tried to watch one
  10. LOL i love you Tommy
  11. OSRS name: OhMyGosh
  12. That's nice of you to do free sigs for now
  13. Hopefully in the future this could be a possibility!
  14. I prefer PvM more
  15. Hi

    Welcome to the family bro