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  1. I'm going to attempt to keep this thread short, sweet, and to the point. Due to my lack of time to invest in Edgeville (amongst many other things that I don't feel comfortable disclosing), I am formally stepping down from my position. I can no longer successfully execute the duties and responsibilities relevant to the role. I will continue to keep in touch with the friends i've made, and assist the staff team in behind-the-scene events. Until i'm provided with more time, I don't see myself returning anytime soon. Until next time...
  2. Thanks for remaining patient, everyone. It really is appreciated, and does not go unnoticed. @Ball one of my previous conversations with @Avro consisted of a chat about the reworking of farming entirely! Once I receive more information on the matter, you and everyone else curious shall be informed.
  3. Completed. Thanks for supporting Edgeville !
  4. I'm going to level with you guys for a moment; my life has been rather hectic lately, which has ultimately resulted in my lack of activity. I more or less take on the majority of responsibilities relevant to forum related affairs, and I sincerely apologize for the slack. As for the lack of information provided by the rest of the team - I apologize on their behalf as well. @Stan has been busy with the perfection of combat lately, and @Avro has been dedicating his time to networking issues, incorporating new content (such as the zombie mini-game), website design, and patching bugs, amongst a plethora of other things. Advertisements will launch once combat is completed, and bosses are tweaked. We also rely on you guys to provide opinions on whether the current state of the server is ready for more traffic, which is why we've been so hell bent on bug reporting. Once again, I apologize for the lack of communication, and will try my best to cease this type of nuisance in the future.
  5. Updated your forum rank; as for the in-game rank, a message will be relayed to @Avro .
  6. What tier of donator were you?
  7. If this isn't handled by tomorrow, i'll ask @Avro for more privileges, and your items shall be refunded. Thanks for remaining patient.
  8. Sadly the player count will more than likely continue to decrease, but no tears shall be shed! Once advertisements are launched, we'll begin to see a steady increase in players, and new relationships will begin to flourish and shine through the ashes of what once was.
  9. It's about time .
  10. Done . As for the discord rank, I do not have the authority, but your request has been passed on to someone who does!
  11. This will be taken care of as soon as time permits; more than likely upon @Avro's login Thanks for taking the time to report the issue .
  12. This will be looked into, and should be sorted whenever @Avro logs in. Please remain patient. It's greatly appreciated.
  13. Support; the length/difficulty of the tasks would probably determine the reward. This could also be added as a requirement for comp cape - complete 10 weekly tasks!
  14. Fantastic updates @Stan and @Avro! I can't wait for advertisements to roll out .
  15. Greetings, Edgevillians. We are excited to announce that we have a few new additions/alterations to our staff team, along with some resignations and demotions. So without further adieu; @rela has been promoted to Moderator due to his astounding performance as server support. Xa has been promoted to Helper due the amount of assistance he has provided to not only the members of the community, but the staff team as well. @nick has been demoted @Sam has been demoted @Odin has resigned due to real life circumstances, which resulted in the hindrance of him successfully executing his responsibilities. We wish him the best of luck on his endeavors. @Minion has resigned for reasons that shall remain undisclosed at this time. Thanks! ~Edgeville Staff Team.