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Found 1 result

  1. The iron man shop is completely empty in terms of supplies etc, i would like the iron man shop to be like the Shop counter at home with different categories General store, range shop etc. But i would like them to also have requirements. General Store has access to low tier items to help the early game such as lobsters, bronze-rune scimitars, short bow-maple short bow, bronze-adamant arrows, green d'hide sets, mind runes-chaos runes-air runes, bronze-adamant tools and all the basic items used for skilling 99 Attack-Strength-Defence unlocks the melee shop which contains dragon scimitar, dragon dagger, rune armour sets, rune boots 99 Ranged unlocks black d'hide sets, adamant bolts, rune arrows, magic short bow, snake skin boots, ava's accumulator, Dwarf Multi Cannon, rune crossbow 99 Magic unlocks mystic sets, all 4 elemental staff's, god capes, mind-chaos-death runes 99 Herblore unlocks Super Sets (attack+strength+defence+range+magic potions), prayer potions 99 Cooking+Fishing unlocks raw sharks, raw karambwa's 99 Runecrafting unlocks nature runes, blood runes, soul runes, cosmic runes, noted pure essence (i plan to keep editing this as i come up with more ideas, feel free to leave suggestions if you have any)