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Update - August 12th 2017

Hello Edgevilians,

So here is a list of updates for August 12th 2017.

  • Can't get Blood money by killing player with the same IP.
  • Fixed dragon bones drops.
  • Fixed warriors guild animated armors.
  • Warriors guild animated armors yell out "I'm ALIVE" <- ye he is a retard.
  • Fixed red d'hide crafting.
  • Fixed d'hide skill requirements.
  • Fixed fury crafting.
  • Shooting star is now fixed and minable.
  • Clan chat is now fixed(froze server).
  • Slightly lowered drop chances.
  • Potion decanting fixed, updates your inventory.
  • Duel arena logout dupe fixed.
  • Skill experience were changed(fishing, mining & woodcutting increased).
  • Fixed Onyx enchanting.
  • Trivia rewards increased to 100k to 500k.
  • Added dragon pickaxe to vote box.
  • Sea troll queen drops her loo on the shore now.
  • Added dart creation (fletching).
  • Added bone crusher.
  • Donation claiming fixed(lagged server).
  • ALL shops were re-tweaked(items, stocks, prices). Thanks to Kerschah! More changed incoming.

There might be few things that were done, some that are more developer-related.

Best regards, Avro.

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Damn good updates. Quick fixes as well, nice job mate!

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Good work - Keep 'em coming!

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