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Stay with me, young ones! And old...

Let's face it, the server has gone tits up the last few days but the staff are trying their best to fix everything, what I hate to see is the small community we once had, get smaller by the day. 


Everyone needs to remember that Avro hasn't started advertising yet, once he does the player base will get a large boost and naturally, the game will become more fun as there's others to interact with.


I have to admit my play time has dropped drastically the last 2 days, partially due to the rollback/unable to do slayer but also just real life stuff getting in the way.


@Green is still a a little shit though.

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Posted (edited)

I agree... wait what?!

Edited by Green
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Sadly the player count will more than likely continue to decrease, but no tears shall be shed! Once advertisements are launched, we'll begin to see a steady increase in players, and new relationships will begin to flourish and shine through the ashes of what once was.

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