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Update - July 6 2017

Hello Edgevillians,

Here is a list of updates for July 6th 2017:

  • Kalphite queen area is now multi.
  • Added delays to drinking special recovery potion, added all flasks and fixed Saradomin brew.
  • Removed rocktail from food shop.
  • Added confirmation before you teleport to your slayer task.
  • Donators receive slightly more experience.
  • Donators get extra slayer points upon completion of a task.
  • Donators get discounts for teleporting to their slayer task.
  • Donators recieve extra blood money when they kill players.
  • You now receive vote points for opening up the vote box.
  • Major optimization of bank and bank methods.
  • Can now drink potion in fight caves.
  • Potion doesn't change slot in inventory when drank.
  • Running energy will now be restored if you're walking.
  • Barbarian agility teleport you besides rope swings.
  • Vote book rewards are now extended with some misc items.
  • Optimized server following & looping in some code parts.
  • Updated player panel (quest tab) to show clickable text in a different color.
  • Ironmen can only access three shops (iron man shop, vote shop & donator/tokens shop).
  • Added zbuffering to the client (which fixes model priorities). Will be fixing head dialogues soon.
  • Added new item container packets which is faster.
  • Major network improvement which is now way more faster & secure.

We are working hard to supply even more fixes. We hope you enjoy your stay and don't forget to submit bugs!

Best regards, Avro.

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Nice bunch of updates right there, Artem - keep it up.

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Looking good so far!

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Thanks for the updates, all is looking great!

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